Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda

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Vedic Astrology, is one of the unique external sciences of the actual galaxy, as well as a most important “inner” technology, for it offers with the inner thoughts and the trip of the soul. The planet’s signifies the rules of your energy and astrology- reveals the basic language of cosmic energy.Ayurveda is the division of Vedic technology that deals mostly with the actual human body.

The technology of destiny, or success, thus the knowledge of activities on earth and for individuals the unfolding of activities in their lifestyles. It opinions man as a microcosm, an indivisible part of the macrocosm of the galaxy, and is a religious technology based on the technology of transmigration of the soul. Therefore an astrology will show the seo- which one brings to this lifestyle from previous births, the religious routes one has followed and the supreme -purpose one must meet in purchase to surpass the limitations of these components globe.
An astrology reveals the psycho–physical characteristics of an individual and indicates their possibilities in all fields. This contains their career and means of economic development, their connections , emotional and actual wellness insurance the karmic– stability of entertainment & suffering that must come in due course. Even ones ability to execute austerities for religious growth and their opportunity to execute sadhana, or religious exercise, will be seen within the birth astrology.
Armed with such information an individual becomes better prepared to be purposed in their route, recognizing both the natural pros and cons and use their strong points to accomplish highest possible potentials- in all fields. Actions to be taken as it may– are the use of gemstones or yantras, yet even more significantly– occasionally includes relaxation, chanting of mantras and creating the dedication through beneficial thinking to become regimented to experience objectives on both the information and religious areas of one’s lifestyle.

By knowing our true selves we can then use our lifestyles in a good way with a view to greatest self–realization, for all Vedic information eventually points to one thing, which is “atma vidya” or information of the self.


Ayurveda contains prescription of healthy eating plan, human body perform and also do surgery treatment, but as significantly as it contains mindset and spiritual techniques. Being a technology of the Vedas it also recognizes “atma vidya” as the goal of human lifestyle.
Diseases may occur from one of two causes. First are actual or scientific “a discrepancy of the humors, elements and primary efforts of the body”, and are handled usually with herbs, eating plan, human-body performs and specifically needs yoga exercises positions that is suitable for an individual. In more excessive cases nutrients and drug medications or surgery-treatment may be required.
The second cause of disease is karmic. There may be emotional or religious causes and it may be seen that these reveal works related and emotional problems, also creating great complications in ones connection with others. Treatment may require a change in life–style and mind–set, as well as some of the same measures- recommended in Jyotish such as gemstones, concept or yantra.
Often an absence of trust can be the cause of many illnesses and commonly, this is also experienced as an absence of affection, such as for yourself. Acknowledging that one must follow a religious way to at least some degree is essential to treatment the thoughts and the entire human– body fully, what to speak of the inner awareness.
The substance of treatment is incorporation. Faith, really like, a sense of oneness,togetherness and recognizing the holy characteristics of human-kind and that is all what is losing in modern days medication. To determine the right beat of lifestyle there must be innovative living, a stability of self with the galaxy and with the cosmic force of lifestyle. Ayurveda looks for to set up that stabilize between human- body, thoughts, soul and thus allow complete stability and total wellness of a human being.


Ayurveda, converted as the “science of life”, is inextricably connected with the sanskrit name for vedic astrology. Previously ayurvedic physicians in Indian were also vedic -astrologers. The mixture of these two sciences provided a complete system for analysis and treatment of illnesses of the human body, thoughts, and spirit. Even the 12 salt of homeopathy are related to the 12 signs of the astrologers and the basic cosmic session is that we are a aspect of the galaxy, non different but in volume of essential factors. Man can be considered the microcosm, an indivisible aspect of the macrocosm. The same efforts moving the planet’s and celebrities of our galaxy also function within our systems and thoughts to function psychological and physical features.
The historical seers of Indian exposed the sciences of astrology and ayurvedic medication to not only allow humans to understand the technicalities of their systems, but also the inner religious knowledge of thoughts and spirit. Astrology itself is the earliest technology known to man and its tricks and techniques hold tricks and techniques of the treatment of thoughts, human body, and spirit. To recognize our relationship with the universe is to recognize our own true nature beyond the short-term human body and demonstrated character of this single life time. This exposure of our success and our destiny, gives a window into the karmic responses of previous lives. Its higher purpose is to show the primary path of activity for the present, accomplish treatment both inwardly and appears to, and to direct us further upon our religious trip. Therefore vedic astrology is the technology of time, and moment for proper activity.

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