The 12 Houses of a birth Chart

1st House- Body,Self
2nd House-Wealth, Speech
3rd House-Courage,Younger Siblings
4th House-Mother, Happiness
5th House-Children,Higher Education
6th House-Enemies,Diseases
7th House- Spouse, Business Partner
8th House- Occult,Death, Sudden change
9th House- Dharma,Father
10th House-Profession,Career
11th House- Gains, Desires,Elder Siblings
12th House- Moksha,Bed Pleasures

Representation of Planets

Sun rules the soul
Moon rules the mind and emotions
Mars rules power and action
Mercury rules Intelligence and Speech
Jupiter rules knowledge and fortune
Venus rules desires
Saturn rules sorrows and misfortunes


Sun rules dark red
Moon rules white
Mars rules bright red
Mercury rules green
Jupiter rules yellow
Venus rules white,light blue
Saturn rules black