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Planets give you the results of your Karma. Studying the placement of these planets in your chart can show your destiny and true purpose in Life.Astrology can help you improve your karmas.

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Astrosk.com is the real astrology online with the aim to help the clients with detailed janampatri or Kundli analysis,right solutions, mantras and remedies.


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“Thank you Saurabh Katial for all your help in analyzing my birth chart and providing your predictions regarding my job. As you said, I got another job in the same place where I lived before my previous job came to an end. I guess you remember me since I already took consultation from you twice during my tough time recently and now I am in a very good position. Everything happened exactly the way you told me. "

"You said that I will be meeting a girl of my interest which happened in a very miraculous way. You’ve made me a believer in astrology. Your accuracy is astonishing. You have brought unimaginable sunshine to my life. "Thank you so much…I am really grateful.”



The 12 Houses of a birth Chart

  • 1st House- Body,Self
  • 2nd House-Wealth, Speech
  • 3rd House-Courage,Younger Siblings
  • 4th House-Mother, Happiness
  • 5th House-Children,Higher Education
  • 6th House-Enemies,Diseases
  • 7th House- Spouse, Business Partner
  • 8th House- Occult,Death, Sudden change
  • 9th House- Dharma,Father
  • 10th House-Profession,Career
  • 11th House- Gains, Desires,Elder Siblings
  • 12th House- Moksha,Bed Pleasures
  • Representation of Planets

  • Sun rules the soul
  • Moon rules the mind and emotions
  • Mars rules power and action
  • Mercury rules Intelligence and Speech
  • Jupiter rules knowledge and fortune
  • Venus rules desires
  • Saturn rules sorrows and misfortunes
  • Colors

  • Sun rules dark red
  • Moon rules white
  • Mars rules bright red
  • Mercury rules green
  • Jupiter rules yellow
  • Venus rules white,light blue
  • Saturn rules black
  • Planet Mantras

  • Sun: Om Suryaaya namah
  • Moon: Om Chandraaya namah
  • Mars: Om Mangalaaya namah
  • Mercury: Om Budhaaya namah
  • Jupiter: Om Gurave namah
  • Venus: Om Shukraaya namah
  • Saturn: Om Shaanaish-charaaya namah
  • Rahu: Om Raahave namah
  • Ketu: Om Ketave namah
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